PSL is known since 2013 as the quickest and most reliable Hermes Sourcing service in London and Dubai. 

We aim to assure our customers are getting the best luxury shopping experience by locating the most coveted Hermès handbags for them and providing exceptional customer service. 

Our team of personal shoppers specialize in sourcing and reselling authentic Hermès bags in the secondary market. 
If a specific bag is not available for immediate purchase, PSL’s team will pursue and make every effort to locate it and ship it to its new owner.


Hermès Birkin and Kelly are the most well-known bags but are the most difficult to get a hold of. 

The Birkin key features include:

  • Two top handles, and a rectangular, tote bag silhouette
  • Shoulder Strap is not included

Whereas the Kelly’s key features include: 

  • Single top handle 
  • Detachable shoulder strap

Hermès has a wide range of different leathers including: box calf, swift, clemence, epsom, and togo.
They are also produced in exotic skins such as: ostrich, lizard, and crocodile (alligator). 
The bag is typically accented with palladium, gold or silver plated hardware. 

We sell highly sourced items with limited availability, which adds additional value to original retail prices.
If you wish to learn more, please contact us for more information