We offer online wardrobe revision for our clients, who need help in building their unique style & functional wardrobe. The service consists of a few steps: 

1) sorting your wardrobe by categories (you send pictures of each item in your wardrobe)

2) sorting all the items according to their relevance, condition and fit; removing unnecessary items from your wardrobe (you can sell them online or donate them to charities)

3) making collages of outfits for you from the items that we have + making a shopping list of the items you need to buy to make your wardrobe complete

4) sending you a final presentation with all the outfits, shopping list and our recommendations for you

5) after-service support during the next 2 months, where you can ask for style recommendations and ask any questions you have


Time: 1-2 weeks

Cost: £300

Whats App for enquiries: +44 7946 132691



Mini Capsule Wardrobe consists of a set of 15-30 items that could be mixed and matched together. This service is not only for those who like minimalistic style and want to keep a small wardrobe, but also for those who would like to build a capsule for specific occasions, such as a summer holiday, a work capsule or a long trip. The service consists of a few steps: 

1) identifying the purpose of the capsule wardrobe

2) providing a list of items for this capsule

3) checking if you already own some of the items (you send us pictures of your items)

4) building a capsule using those items and the new items you would need to purchase & creating a visual collage for you 


Time: 1 week

Cost: £150

Whats App for enquiries: +44 7946 132691



Shopping support is usually held after wardrobe revision and helps you find exactly what you need in order to reach your style goals. We offer offline shopping support in London, Dubai & Abu-Dhabi with our stylists, however you can also order an online shopping support, where you will get a presentation with all the clickable items. The service consists of a few steps: 

1) making a list of items/stores & defining your budget for shopping

2) meeting with a client for fittings or providing a presentation with all the items and outfit collages

3) after-shopping support during the next 2 months - you can ask advice on the purchases you make yourself


Time: 1-3 days

Cost: £250

Whats App for enquiries: +44 7946 132691