Hi! My name is Anastasia and I work as a personal shopper since 2013.


I started this service as a private shopper when I was living in London. I have previous work experience at sourcing diamonds, then working for Abercrombie and Fitch and then Harrods.


What do your clients ask most frequently?


My fashionista clients mostly want new trendy shoes, when it comes to seasonal shopping. 

As gifts my clients usually want to get something less trendy and more investment worthy (Hermes bags) or exclusive jewellery.

Past few years my clients also ask me to style them for an event, vacation, or to create a seasonal capsule wardrobe for them.


What is your specialty?


I am into sustainable shopping,  I love browsing items on eBay and Vestiaire and find something special and unique for my clients.

I tend to always find something cool and everyone is asking me where I got it from, so I then source it for others.


I also love arranging Wardrobes and pick the best quality basics for my clients, either here in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. 


I used to travel a lot working with my clients, to NY, London or Moscow  but now I manage to reduce my carbon footprint and we pick everything online, source and send it to them, or I just send them a shopping lists with links when they request seasonal styling. 


What is your favourite shopping destination in the world?


I lived in London for many years and I know my way around and all secret locations, but I love shopping in NY and Miami as they always have something very special and unique. And I love more colour, because I now live in Abu Dhabi.


What is more popular? Heels or Flats?


Flats any day! While we get many requests for Bottega Mules or Mesh Pumps, and crystal Amina Muaadi pumps, they are beautiful!


But when clients want a trendy sneaker, they are ready to splurge! 

I remember sourcing a £8600 Chanel Pharell Sneaker for my client in London. I don’t remember any heels that had any similar demand.


Your most expensive order to date?


I remember it was an order for a Hermes Birkin 30 Rose Scheherazade in Crocodile leather, over £50K that someone got for their wife for International women’s day.


Your fav brand and item in 2020?


I do have an affection to everything Alexander Wang does, the shoes, bags, clothes, so it is him and the lunch bag. So cute! I always carry my own lunches with me when I shop in Dubai.


Your fav blogger or style crush?


Zoe Kravitz, Alex Ariviere, Arielle Charnas


What do you love most about your job?


I love that everything changes every 6 months but I mostly love connecting with my clients, who are amazing fashionistas, business women, wives and mothers. We connect very well and they are all interested in what I do.